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All About Pop Music

Pop music is defined as a liberal and vague form of modern music which does not take into consideration artistic style but by the future market or promising audience. It is music created with a calculated objective to influence a majority of its contemporaries.

One of the major characteristics of pop music is that it is created in order to be enjoyed by its listeners. Writing of pop songs does not take into account concepts such as aesthetics and complex musical form. What the composer has in mind is audience satisfaction and commercial success.

The term pop music is an abbreviation of the term popular music. It was first used to express a particular category of music in 1954. Stylistic origins of this type of music include jazz, folk, rock and roll, R&B, and traditional pop music.

The most commonly used instruments include bass guitars, electric guitars, keyboard and drum kit. Cultural origins of pop music date back to the 1950s in the US. Its popularity has been on the rise since the 1960s.

Most of the songs are less than five minutes in length. The instrumentation ranges from a lone singer to an orchestra.

Despite the fact that there are many choices to choose from when it comes to the number of people needed in a band, the standard pop band lineup must include a bassist, lead guitarist, a keyboardist, electronic drum machine or drummer and one or more singers.

Pop songs are mostly conspicuous by a heavy rhythmic element, traditional structure, and a mainstream style.

The most common modification has a strophic form and focusses on memorable melodies, verse chorus verse arrangement appeal and catchy hooks. In most cases, the chorus contrasts the verse rhythmically, melodically and harmonically.

Pop compositions lyrics are usually simple and generally deal with everyday experiences and feelings. The lyrics mostly move away from debatable or incomprehensible issues.

Pop music became more popular in the new millennium when many artists from all over the world influenced the genre and the local variants merged with the mainstream. Pop music is now competing with dance, hip hop and country music as a popular style among the youth.

Pop music can either be recorded as a single or album. There are many websites dedicated to Pop music. These websites have links which can allow you to listen to different pop songs. It is also possible to buy pop music CDs from these portals.

Is It Okay To Like Pop Music?

One of the most common “guilty pleasures” around is actually liking pop music. A lot of music snobs out there project this image that it’s only okay to like the lesser known acts, and despite the extreme popularity of pop music artists, there’s always that one person in your life that will make you feel as if it’s not okay for you to like them. It really begs the question of whether or not it’s actually okay to like pop music.

In short, yes, it absolutely is!

Of course it’s okay to like pop music. It’s put out there for the masses to enjoy. No matter how manufactured some may say it is, there are plenty of artists out there that do write their own material. Current superstar Lady Gaga is just one example. Many of the crossover artists out there also have perfectly valid musical backgrounds. Just because they happen to have cracked the code in offering up arrangements, melodies, lyrics, and song titles that seem to connect to people on a wide scale doesn’t make their artistic expression any less valid.

The elitism that circulates throughout a lot of music discussions is truly needless. To suggest that you can only receive credibility or validation if you like what’s been predetermined as “cool” based on completely arbitrary factors is deeply judgmental and dismissive to the point of ridiculousness. Never let yourself worry about what any of those types think about you. If you want to listen to the latest and greatest top 40 hit, then so be it. If it moves you then it’s doing it’s job. That’s all music is meant to do in the first place, elicit some sort of emotion that resonates with you or at the very least elevate your mood.

For anyone to say that any particular song’s ability to move people in those ways is somehow invalid just because it’s readily available or “mainstream” is to thrust themselves into the very definition of snobbery. There’s no need for such close-mindedness. If you have anyone in your life giving you judgmental smirks or even laughing at you because of your music taste, pay them no mind. When it all comes down to it, they’re the one with the problem. You should be able to like what you like with absolutely no exception. At the end of the day, it’s just music.