Monthly Archive: November 2016

The Best Country Singers To Listen To While Fishing

When you talk about the best country singers, it’s easy for a country music fan to identify many great music artists. However, it’s literally almost impossible to think of them all, let alone come up with the best ones to listen to out on your inflatable fishing boat. Many great country music singers are still around, and others aren’t with us anymore. There are those one hit wonders and those who have been around singing for decades. Can you name some of the best country music singers of all times?

The lead-off pick is going to get much scrutiny I’m sure, but just remember we will get to many more country singers by the end of this article. You can’t go wrong leading off with George Strait, who is one of those country music singers who has been around for decades, with tons of #1 singles. He’s sometimes considered the current or active king of country music. There are others out there though, and then you have again the ones that aren’t with us anymore.

Think about country music great Conway Twitty, another singers who was around for decades, yet he’s not with us anymore. His music is still with us, and that goes for George Jones, too. One of my personal favorites that is currently still always working on topping the charts is Blake Shelton. It wasn’t long ago it seems that Blake Shelton was new on the scene, but now he’s one of the veterans. If I remember correctly, he had 16 #1 singles and was working on more music of course.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a couple, and they are two of the best country music singers as well. Then there is Loretta Lynn, Vince Gill and another one of my personal favorites, Clint Black. He did a duet with his wife titled ‘When I Said I Do’ that I really like. It’s one of my favorite country music songs of all time. Has your favorite country singer been named yet?

There is also Garth Brooks. You can’t talk about the greatest country music singers of all time without mentioning him. It’s really odd to me how he went out though and wasn’t quite able to come back the way he was before. He is still recognized as one of the best, and he is known as a great entertainer. You have country music groups, too, like Rascal Flats. What other country music singers would you add to the list?